NY Times Magazine: The “Sex Cult” that Preached Empowerment

A note from Barbara Bouchey:

In my opinion, this journalist, Vanessa Grigoriadis, failed miserably to write a fair, balanced story.  Clearly, this is biased towards NXIVM and in large part “only” depicts their side of things.  I am fine with the positive attributes spoken of NXIVM for that is why I joined, and stayed, for many years.  However,  Vanessa wrote a mere two short paragraphs on my side, and even that was inaccurate, taken out of context, and even misquoted me as well.  To say that I was shocked, horrified, hurt, and traumatized after reading it – is an understatement.  When giving this interview, Vanessa never revealed she previously spent months interviewing “in person” NXIVM’s leadership flying to Mexico to meet Keith Raniere and Clare Bronfman while visiting Nancy Salzman, and daughter Lauren in Albany.  Had she then I would have known to inquire about the many “false” things they say about me and allow them to be clarified.  Vanessa spent a mere “two hours on the phone” with me.   How is that fair reporting?  It appears her intent was never to elicit my side of things, nor tell it.  The article is proof of that.  I learned “after” the article ran that Clare had hand selected Vanessa 8 months earlier.  Interesting, huh?  What I know is that Keith, Nancy, Clare and Lauren weave a very convincing tale that “they” are the victims of me and many others.  This could not be farther from the truth.  Lastly, I never said that “I’m haunted” if Keith ever loved me, which was just her twisted sensationalism.  Anyways, it makes for an interesting read.  So, enjoy!

“To repeat, I am very proud of Barbara Bouchey.  She stuck to her guns SLAPP suit after SLAPP suit brought by cult leader Rainere because talking truth to evil is most important and he couldn’t stand it.  And her photo graces a full page of the June 2,2018 issue of the New York Times Magazine.  And I know her.  Way to go Barbara.  Top notch job.  I tried to replace Rainere’s face with yours Barbara, but I don’t have the technical chops.”  ~ FORD GREENE, Attorney


NY Times Magazine: Barbara Bouchey          NY Times Magazine:  Keith Raniere                       NY Times Magazine:  Clare Bronfman

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