NXIVM “Temporarily Closed” – Suspending all Operations

NXIVM is temporarily closed.

TODAY a major feat was accomplished.

When resigning in 2009, I influenced 8 leaders to resign, closed 2 centers, with 100 members quitting. Never did I stop trying to expose them. Never did I give up after they tortured me with 14 lawsuits (defendant or witness ) to get me to settle, hand over my records, sign a gag order, and let them off the hook. All cases were DISMISSED and I STILL have my 17 boxes of records. 

I, along with many courageous people, tirelessly worked towards this day to come.

Let us hope they NEVER reopen.

“Barbara Bouchey, our great hearted courageous uncompromising never-say-die woman. Yeah!!” 🔥❤  ~ FORD GREENE, Attorney

“That`s my Samurai sister Barbara Bouchey” ~ Francis Bouchey

There are no words to express how proud I am of Barbara Bouchey. I was a witness to the cruel, shocking and relentless legal attacks against her, combined with the public character assassination campaign – the likes of which I have never seen. Drained of all money to hire any more attorneys to defend herself, she even single handedly stood in court against 8 super attorneys – and they could not defeat her! Thank you Beebs for being an inspiration for all women. You have taken your life back, and your current success is incredible. You have already changed the world in many ways…love you!”  ~Christine Marie Katas
Voices for Dignity
“This is fantastic! Bravo to all who have spoken out, like Barbara and Sarah Edmondson and Mark Vicente and Catherine Oxenberg and Toni Natalie and others I’m forgetting at the moment.”  ~ Janja Lalich, Cult Expert


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