Judge DENIES bail for NXIVM Founder Keith Raniere

I am hugely relieved at the Judge’s decision to deny Keith Raniere bail even though it was an incredibly compelling package.  Over the last ten years, I’ve witnessed first hand in 14 lawsuits in 4 states before 8 Judges that Keith dragged me into as his 7 prominent, politically connected law firms manipulated and were able to move their wrongful, litigious football agenda up the field of courtroom life.  Keith managed to get away with misusing the legal system as a weapon  to silence, harass, and torture his critics and detractors – slipping through the cracks of justice.  Today, is a new day, new dawn, and new courtroom game of justice for Keith.  THIS Judge isn’t buying any of the baloney Keith and his legal team are doling out.  Thankfully, Keith will remain behind bars until the trial.  It is predicted that trial may not start until next year.  Stay tuned….

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